General Presentation of the Web Site

Summary: General presentation of the Web site. Links to the main entry pages. What you'll find on this site and what you won't find.

This site presents practical and reliable solutions to exchange data files between Macintosh and PC.

Macintosh CD-ROM Creation

We present on this site a set of tools to help you using and creating CD-ROMs (ISO, HFS and hybrid ones) with MacImage.

Macintosh Media Reading

We propose MacDisk, a software package to read, write and format Macintosh media on the PC. You can begin with a general description of this kind of tools, or visit more specific pages about it: MacDisk.

Conversion tools

MacDisk is bundled with a little text converter, MacText. We also present more general conversion tools (WinConv) and a foreign floppy reading program (PC-Lect).


Our page of utilities offers several little programs you may find useful.

Site Navigation

The left navigation pane contains links to the main pages of the site.
Two other special tools are available to ease finding the information you are looking for. First, a search engine allows you to type in plain English what you want. The program answers by displaying a list of the pages where the subject is handled. Second, a Site Map presents in an logical and ordered way all pages published on this site.

Technical Support

If you visit the site to find some technical support, about the functions or the features of the demo versions or of the commercial versions, the first page to check should be the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). We put on this page the answers we give to all general questions asked by users. For a more general starting point, please visit the Tech Support Page. More, we try to be very responsive to all questions sent by e-mail. Be as precise as you can about all aspects of your problem, to help us to ascertain the reasons and the cure.

Hints and tips

All pages presenting hints and tips on data conversion and file exchanges are accessible through the main Hints & Tips page. You will find there links to some data sheet on formats and on specific software packages.

Page Template

All pages begin with an operational summary. Just one or two sentences to let you know what you can find on the page without reading the whole text.
The left navigation pane contains links to the main pages of the site. The bottom banner contains our address and a link to a special form allowing you to share a page with a friend (to suggest a friend to visit one of the pages of our site).
We also publish a page on our company, just in case you would like to know more about us.

What you won't find here...

If you're looking for pirated copies of software (so-called warez), spare your time, there is no such thing here and you aren't going to find anything of this kind.

Pierre Duhem (ex-Logiciels & Services Duhem)
3, rue Pierre Haret - F-75009 Paris (France) - Tel. (+33) [0]149 700 455