WinConv, text conversion program

Summary: WinConv, text conversion utility handling many old or less known formats to import the texts in more recent word processing packages.


WinConv/Pc-Conv is a text conversion tool. It is often used with our general disk reading program PC-Lect which reads on a PC 20+ so-called "incompatible" floppy disks. When the text files are stored on such diskettes, you'll have to use such a tool, or our MacDisk for the Macintosh 1.4 MB HD floppy disks.
While PC-Conv is a monolithic program containing all modules and running under DOS, the latest version of WinConv is now a 32-bit modular program containing a main module (winconv.exe) and a main helper DLL (cv.dll) ant it runs under all versions of Windows (Windows 95 to Windows 10).
When launched, the program looks in its folder for conversion dynamic libraries whose name follows the cnv*.dll scheme. It loads them and enumerates the formats they manage. It displays those formats to the user. Here is a screen shot of WinConv:

Managed Formats

As input (PC formats), WinConv/PcConv manages following text formats : Ability, Ami Pro, Ansi, Ascii raw/smart/tagged, ChemText, ChiWriter, Directory, EasyWriter, EBCDIC, Elixir, Epistole, Evolution, Framework I/II/III, Locoscript PC, Manuscript 1/2, Multimate 4.0, Multimate Advantage, Nathalie, Nota Bene, Olitext (ETV 260/500/2700), PcWrite, PersonalWriter, RFT DCA IBM, RFT FFT IBM, Samna Word 4, Sprint 1.1, 1.5, Symphony, Tex, Textor 2/3/4/5, DisplayWrite 3/4, Visio Assistant, Volkswriter 3, Wang PC IWP, Word 3/4/5, Word junior, Word Windows 2, Wordperfect 4.x, Wordperfect 5.0, 5.1, Wordstar 4, Wordstar 6, Wordstar 2000, MS-Works, Write, Writing Assistant.

As output, the program can produce following text formats : Ansi raw/smart, Ascii raw/smart, Ascii tagged, EBCDIC, Manuscript 1/2, Nathalie, PcWrite, Sprint 1.1, 1.5, Visio 3/4, Volkswriter 3, Word 3/4/5 under DOS, Word Windows 2, Wordperfect 4.x, Wordperfect 5.0, 5.1, Wordstar 4, Wordstar 6, Wordstar 2000, MS-Works for DOS, MS-Works for Windows.

WinConv also has modules for the files created by our PC-Lect program, a program to read on the PC some uncompatible floppy disks. Please see this page for a list of the managed formats.

As input (Atari text formats), the program manages following text processors: BeckerText, Calamus, First Word, Le Rédacteur 1/2, Signum!2/3, StWriter, Word Plus.

In the Macintosh world, our program can convert MacWrite 2.2, MacWrite 4.6 (the older versions which were distributed free with all Macintosh computers), MacWrite II (commercial version distributed by Claris, but not the Pro version), Microsoft Works, Claris Works, Nisus and RagTime. The module managing those formats exists also as an independent tool (MacText) which is bundled for free with our tools to transfer datafiles between Macintosh and PC.

Dedicated Wordprocessors

WinConv manages Canon StarWriter files and many others (Locoscript, etc., see below).

Modular Conversion Library

The modular conversion library used by WinConv v.4 doesn't yet contain all modules mentionned above. Some are of rather historical nature and, for some others, we don't have data anymore to test the code. However, if you can supply some data to test, we'll be happy to recheck our modules and find a solution.
Below are all available modules.

Demo/trial Version

You should download at least the first two of them (the main application with the cv.dll and cw3230.dll and the free Ascii conversion DLL). The other modules are demonstration versions and truncate the converted file at a length of 10 KB. It should be enough to let you test the result and take a purchase decision.

Module Source formats Target formats
Winconv.exe N/A N/A
cnvascii.dll Ascii (text only) without LF at line end
Ascii (text only) with LF at line end
Text only (Ascii Mac) without LF
Text only (Ascii Mac) with LF
Ansi (Windows)
Ascii (text only) without LF at line end
Ascii (text only) with LF at line end
Text only (Ascii Mac) without LF
Text only (Ascii Mac) with LF
Ansi (Windows)
cnvaccen.dll Accent Software N/A
cnvamip.dll Ami Pro
Samna Word
cnvatari.dll BeckerText
Le Rédacteur 1, 2, 3
Word Plus
cnvbroth.dll Brother EM 2000
Brother EM 2050
Brother LW 600
Brother WP1
cnvcanon.dll Canon Starwriter
Canon Writer
Canon AP 81/89
cnvchemt.dll ChemText (raw text only) N/A
cnvchiw.dll ChiWriter N/A
cnvclari.dll Claris Works (text files only) N/A
cnvevol.dll Evolution under DOS/GEM
Evolution under Windows
cnvfmw.dll Framework 1, 2 et 3 N/A
cnvloco.dll Locoscript for the PC v. 1
Locoscript for the PC v. 2
Locoscript Amstrad, all versions
Ascii export from Locoscript 1
Ascii export from Locoscript 2
cnvmcwri.dll MacWrite 2.2
MacWrite 4.6/5
MacWrite II
MacWrite 4.6/5
cnvmulti.dll Multimate Advantage
Multimate 4
cnvnisus.dll NisusWriter N/A
cnvoliv.dll Olivetti ETV4000 (OWP files)
Olivetti ET121
Olivetti (IWP files)
Olivetti (CWP files)
Olivetti (MWP files)
cnvpcw.dll PC Write N/A
cnvphi.dll Videowriter 250
Videowriter 4260
Philips 5020/40
cnvragti.dll RagTime 2 (text files only)
RagTime 3 (text files only)
cnvrapd.dll RapidFile N/A
cnvrtf.dll RTF RTF for DOS
RTF for Windows
RTF for Mac
RTF with Unicode coding
cnvsprin.dll Sprint version 1.
Sprint version 1.5
cnvttor.dll Textor 2/3 (BAT files)
Textor 2/3 (LIG files)
Textor 4
Textor 5
cnvvisio.dll DisplayWrite (versions 3/4)
cnvwang.dll Wang IWP
Wang WPS
cnvwd.dll Word for DOS (3, 4, 5, 5.5)
Word for DOS (3, 4, 5, 5.5)
cnvwdwin.dll Word for Windows (2) Word for Windows (2)
cnvwksmc.dll MS-Works for the Mac (2)
MS-Works for the Mac (3)
cnvworks.dll MS-Works for DOS
MS-Works 2/3 for Windows
cnvwp4.dll Wordperfect v. 4 Wordperfect v. 4
cnvwp5.dll Wordperfect v. 5
Wordperfect v. 6
Wordperfect v. 5
cnvws.dll WordStar 4
WordStar 6
WordStar 2000
WordStar 4
WordStar 6
WordStar 2000
cnvxywri.dll Q/A Write (Questions/Answers)
XY Write

Limits of the trial version

The conversion module available above are demo/trial versions. The program truncates the intermediate file at 10.000 characters. This should be enough to let you see whether the results conform to your expectations.
On the other hand, there is a file counter. As soon as you reach 25 files, the program exits.
Il the program fulfills some needs, please order the full version!

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