Technical Support

Summary: Main page for the technical support resources of the site, with links to the FAQ, to the Data sheet and to the specific pages handling pecularities of several software packages.


Welcome to our technical support page!!
If you're looking for solutions to the problems encountered in the daily use of our programs or, more generally, when exchanging data files between Macintosh and PC, please visit the pages below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Several FAQs are accessible through the Main FAQ Page. Consulting those pages is a must when you are seeking for a solution. The answer to your question may be already there.
Those pages are in a state of perpetual change, since we add regularly all information we gather in the technical support of our customers and on the Internet.

Technical Data Sheet (Treasure Chest)
We publish on this site several data sheet on matters of interest when exchanging data files: format of the files on the Macintosh, how to make Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC, how to access the data in a binhexed file, etc. All those pages are available through the Treasure Chest page.

Hints and Tips
Last but not the least, our Hints & Tips Page regroups the links to all pages on the different programs and formats you can have to manage in the day to day work.

We offer on this site several Utilities, that is, little software pieces which fulfill some basic needs often ignored in the tools we use regularly. Those utilities are offered as is, without any responsability for us. Please check that they correspond to what you need. They are free for a personal, non commercial use. Please contact us if you want to use them on another basis.

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