Frequently Asked Questions

Summary: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on all aspects of data transfers and file exchanges between Macintosh and PC. MacDisk FAQ. MacImage FAQ. FAQ on the SCSI bus, on burning CD-ROMs, on using Zip drives to transfer data.

Here are our FAQs, compiled from the questions asked to our hot line support. Those FAQs are presented "as is", without any liability. We made our best efforts to only publish ascertained data and facts, but you should check in your real configuration that this information yields the results you're expecting.
We welcome corrections and additions. Just send an e-mail.

MacDisk FAQ
FAQ on MacDisk and its use to transfer and convert data files between Macintosh and PC. Why can't I open my file? Where are my Macintosh files? What should I do to...?

MacImage FAQ
FAQ on MacImage and the production on PC of Macintosh CD-ROMs (pure HFS CD-ROM or hybrid HFS/ISO CD-ROM).

FAQ on the ASPI layer, used under some versions of Windows to access some disks. Rather historical interest.

Little FAQ on some complementary aspects, as CD-ROM images, ISO/HFS images, CD-ROM burning software, etc.

FAQ on using Zip cartridges and drives.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the FAQs?
How to read Macintosh media?
How to produce Macintosh CD-ROM?
How to transfert X or Y files?
How to convert fonts?
How to convert graphics?
Missing files in some distribution packages
Service Lsdiorw (How to install it, etc.)

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