MacText, A Little Text Converter

Summary: A little text converter to handle on the PC many Macintosh text formats which are ignored by main text processing packages.

MacText is a little text conversion program without bells and whistles. Its aim is converting some frequent Macintosh formats which are nevertheless completely ignored on the PC.
It can be ordered alone, but comes also bundled with MacDisk.

MacText accepts as input following formats:

Mactext produces as output

MacText displays a classical graphical user interface. Below a screen shot of the main screen:

First navigate to the folder containing the files to be converted (follow your way by looking at the "Access Path" zone). Select the source format and the target format. You can convert the whole batch of displayed files (you can get a selective display by specifying the extension in the "File Name" zone) or select several of them in the "Files" list. Hit the "Conversion" button. That's all.

A demonstration copy (the converted file is truncated at 10KB) can be downloaded from this site.

User Testimonials

Some user testimonials (unsollicited ones, of course).

Pierre Duhem (ex-Logiciels & Services Duhem)
3, rue Pierre Haret - F-75009 Paris (France) - Tel. (+33) [0]149 700 455