MacText Testimonials Page

Summary: Unsollicited testimonials of users on MacText.

We publish below some unsollicited testimonials sent by users on our program MacText.

David M. B. (OH, USA)
I received the MacTEXT disc in the mail. Thank you for your response. I have tried for several years to find something to convert my old MAC files, your product is the only thing I have found that will do it.
James K. (??)
I would like to thank you for making it possible to retrieve some important documents that were created with Clarisworks for Mac. Your MacText did its magic.
John P. C. (??, USA)
Thanks for the great program. It works well in converting old, original MacWrite text to a more modern format for one of our customers.

Pierre Duhem (ex-Logiciels & Services Duhem)
3, rue Pierre Haret - F-75009 Paris (France) - Tel. (+33) [0]149 700 455