Producing Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC

Summary: How to produce Macintosh CD-ROMs (HFS/ISO hybrid or pure HFS) on a PC. Tools to be used. Illustrated walkthroughs showing several methods, depending on the concrete needs.


Three main reasons justify the effort of producing Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC, in particular if you are a professional and want to distribute your CD-ROMs to potential customers without excluding the Macintosh users:

Any Solutions?

Producing Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC is possible. We propose to do that our software MacImage.
MacImage allows the user to make on a PC pure Macintosh CD-ROMs (pure HFS CD-ROMs) and hybrid (HFS/ISO 9660) ones. The principle of the software is to produce the future CD-ROM in an image file. This file is then burnt with your favorite burning software. All software packages allow this operation (see our CD-ROM FAQ for more information on how to do that).

Producing Hybrid CD-ROMs

MacImage produces hybrid (HFS/ISO 9660) CD-ROMs on a plain PC. You select this solution when you don't know who will use your CD-ROM. Since you don't know what computer equipment they have, how knowledgeable they are, you have to do all the work yourself and give them a CD-ROM which will behave exactly as they expect (on the PC or on the Macintosh).
Till now, you had to produce the CD-ROM on the Macintosh with software packages like Toast from Adaptec/Roxio. MacImage now allows you to do the CD-ROM production on your PC.

Producing HFS CD-ROMs

MacImage allows you also to create a pure HFS CD-ROM by managing a Macintosh virtual partition in a file stored on your hard disk. You select the size you want and put your files in this virtual volume, which behaves like a real Macintosh drive. You can select this solution when you know that the user works on a Macintosh.
Since software packages like Toast can mount images (i.e., open the file like a disk), you can even test the result on a Macintosh without burning the image.

Visit our FAQs

To get more information on all aspects of burning Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC, we recommend you visit our FAQs:

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