Solutions to Exchange Data Files Between Mac and PC

Summary: Solutions to exchange data files between the Macintosh and the PC. Manage all Macintosh media types on the PC without any add-on.
We offer several solutions for those situations: Those tools don't implement hybrid networks and aren't emulation solutions.
If you're looking for such solutions, please visit our page on Other Mac-PC solutions.

Logical Conversion

In most situations, the files are simply opened in the corresponding application (as with MS-Word, MS-Excel, DTP packages, etc.). See also our Hints & Tips for more information about converting and transferring data files.
MacText, a little text converter for often ignored Macintosh text formats, is included with the license for MacDisk.


To fully use our programs, no specific computer knowledge is necessary but mastering some basic Windows operations like navigating the hard disk, selecting a file, etc. The help file contains a walkthrough which should be the only training needed to master the program.


We chose not to implement an extension to the operating system, after seeing the confusion amongst users who can't make the difference any more between Macintosh and MS-DOS media. Our utilities are plain transient programs that you only load when you need them. They are 32-bit programs running under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8.

Technical Support

If you encounter problems using our programs, please take the time to read our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and to look at our Technical Support pages before contacting the technical assistance (via email). We update them very regularly. Maybe the answer to your question is already there?

Discontinued Products

MacScuzzy, MacSQ and MacCD have been discontinued. All their features are now offered by MacDisk. Registered users can Upgrade from this Web site.

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