File-XRay — Low-Level Explorer for Files

Summary: A tool to explore the real data contents of your files. Everything you always wanted to know about the way your data is recorded.


File-Xray is a classical file hexadecimal viewer/editor.
It offers classical navigation functions to display the real contents of data sectors.
It also offers analytical displays for some data structures it knows about (MacBinary, Binhex files, etc.).

User Interface

The user interface is the same as classical hexadecimal editors:


NTFS servers

File_XRay is probably the only hexadecimal editor being able to display the secondary streams of NTFS files. For instance, if you have Macintosh files stored on a NTFS server managed by SFM, you can display and edit the resource fork and even the metadata (so-called Finder Information).

Analytical Display

File-XRay recognizes following data structures, and displays them accordingly:

File Editing

File-XRay features an Edition mode, where you can write into the file, sector by sector. Needless to say that this feature can be very dangerous, but also very powerful.

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