CD-XRay, Explorer for CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs

Summary: CD-XRay is a low-level explorer for exploring the innards of CD-DAs, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. Everything you always wanted to know.


CD-XRay is an utility to browse the real contents of CD-DAs, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. It can display the sectors in cooked mode (user data only) or in raw mode (headers, user data, error correction codes).
It offers classical navigation functions to display the real contents of data sectors.
It is sector oriented, which is beneficial for such files, where the classical sector size of 512 bytes used by hexadecimal editors doesn't correspond to the way the data is organized.

User Interface

The user interface is the same as classical hexadecimal editors:


Analytical Display

CD-XRay recognizes following data structures, and displays them accordingly:

Disk Access Method

Under Windows 2000 and higher, we use a service called lsdiorw.exe, which must be installed from an administrator account. See some comments on this service.

Managing Disk Images

To manage disk images (ISO images, and the like), please see File-XRay, low-level file explorer.

See also:


A demo/trial version, whose validity is limited to 30 days, can be downloaded from this Web site. After this trial period, the programs refuse to run and you are invited to buy a full license.

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