Summary: How to transfer RagTime files between Macintosh and PC. What you should know to master such data and file exchanges.

RagTime is an integrated software with a text processing module, a spreadsheet module and a graphic module. Its integration was pretty good at the time and this program has a cohort of faithful users. But many become tired of waiting for the next release. Version 4 was at least launched in 1999.

The text export functions of RagTime can't be qualified as good, even if you manage to understand the correct meaning of some options. Moreover, RagTime works with frames and users tend to abuse of them, to the point you can't export a continuous text stream. We don't know of a conversion package on the PC or on the Mac to handle RagTime files.

Therefore, we coded a conversion module for the RagTime text files (we strip the graphics and the spreadsheets in those files). Because of the way RagTime manages its attributes (bold, underlined, italic are added on the fly to a lookup table), the results we get are sometimes false. You will then have to suppress all attributes and start again from scratch on the bare text. But it is useful to exploit text files without many attributes.

A demonstration version of MacText can be downloaded from this site.

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