MacDisk Testimonials Page

Summary: Unsollicited testimonials of users on MacDisk.


We publish below some unsollicited testimonials sent by users on our program MacDisk.

Chares W. (CA, USA)
Just a note to say thanks for your help. The program worked well and I was able to get the information in time to meet the deadline this morning. Great Support !! If I have any questions I know where to turn.
Lee W. (NM, USA)
Received the disk. We have used it and it works great! You are the best! mac or pc - who cares? With your program it doesn't matter. Problem solved! Thanks a million!
Paul W. (??)
I found the software very nice to use and I especially liked the formating protection on the HFS partitions. very nice and easy to use yet efficient program. Thumbs up.
Torben S. (Germany)
I purchased your MacDisk product online yesterday and started working with it right away, using the temporary serial number you kindly supplied. Everything´s working great and it´s already paid for itself, saving me time!
Rosemary C. (Australia)
I am now able to extract old files from zip disks which had been created on a Mac computer. I had thought that they were unreadable.
Robin C. (UK)
Great product and although I need quite rarely, it is certainly a useful addition to my tools collection!
William W. (OK, USA)
Regardless, the program is a brilliant piece of work. I recovered priceless files (mostly irreplaceable pics) that I thought were lost forever.
Cedric V. H. (Belgium)
Just wanted to give you a very very big thank you for this fantastic piece of software I just bought on your site called MacDisk.

Pierre Duhem (ex-Logiciels & Services Duhem)
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