L & S Duhem Mailing Lists

Summary: Mailing lists on data and file transfers between Macintosh and PC and on the production of Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC.

Why Mailing Lists?

Logiciels & Services Duhem manage mailing lists on data and file transfers between Macintosh and PC and on the production of Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC. While we publish software tools used precisely in this domain, the mailing lists aren't exclusively focused on our products, and are open to all questions, all problems encountered by users in the daily data transfers.
For the time being, those lists are not moderated. That means that the postings are not screened before sending to the subscribers. We hope that we won't have to moderate the lists.

What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is essentially a software program sending to a list of subscribers all the messages it receives in an e-mailbox. When you subscribe to a list, you get in your e-mailbox all messages sent by the other subscribers. On the other hand, the messages you send to the list, at address macdisk@yahoogroups.com or macimage@yahoogroups.com, are forwarded to all subscribers.


There are several subscription modes, each with its own advantages:

The feed mode (individual posting) is interesting because you get almost immediately in your email box the posting of the other subscribers. If you ask a question on the list, for an example, you'll be interested at getting an answer as soon as possible.
The digest mode brings you all postings of one day in a single email. Your mail box is not cluttered with the (possibly) numerous postings. The traffic of the mailing list becomes more manageable.
The Web mode is a kind of self-service. You visit the Web site when you get a problem and think that an answer may already have been given on the list.

The forms below allow you to subscribe to the mailing lists from this page:

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A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mailbox in a few moments. You'll have to reply to this message to confirm your subscription. This measure is intended to avoid malicious users to subscribe using the email address of thirds.

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