ISO 9660 and Macintosh files (Pictures)

Summary: Some pictures showing some problems encountered with Macintosh files stored on ISO 9660 CD-ROMs and how to avoid them with MacDisk.


You got a CD-ROM burnt in the ISO 9660 format on a Macintosh and want to get the files. Here is what you see in the Explorer:

Just a click away, isn't it? No way... There is a slash in the name and here is what you get (Sorry, the screen shots are in French. The message says: The folder ... doesn't exist):

Too bad if you needed some files stored in this folder, isn't it?

Unindentified Files

Let's say there was no problem this time to open the folder in the Explorer. Now you get a list of files, like this one:

Is there something wrong? You mean you don't know which file to open? You don't know what are all those files? Maybe you're looking for something like that:

Information technology should convey information, no?

Character Fonts

You probably already saw that: a series of zero-length files. What does that mean? Your partner had said s/he would put all necessary fonts on the CD-ROM, just in case, just to be sure... But what can you do with empty files? Nothing... You have to find another way around...

With MacDisk, the picture is quite different, isn't it? You know there are three Type 1 files, and three font suitcases (useless on the PC). You will be able to transfer them to the PC and convert them. The job is now easy!!
See our page on Fonts Transfer for more information.

How About a Test?

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