FileMaker Pro

Summary: How to transfer FileMaker files between Macintosh and PC. What you should know to master such data and file exchanges.


Version 3 can only read version 2 files, not version 1. Version 5 on the Macintosh reads 1 and up. Version 5 under Windows only reads 2 and up.

Character Attributes

FileMaker is one of the few database programs allowing text attributes (bold, underline, italics) in the text fields. Sadly, the export functions don't keep the text attributes.
The only (partial) solution we've found, when the data is to be used in a DTP program, is to print to a PostScript file, to distill to PDF in the Distiller and to export to the clipboard from Acrobat 4. There is still a huge work to do to clean the file, but at least you get the attributes, which can be very important in some cases.

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