LSD Price List

LSD Price List

Summary: This page presents our price list (with the new automatic exchange system to compute the price in dollars from the base euro price).

You'll find below the prices of our products. Since our company is based in Paris (France), our prices are expressed in and we apply the current exchange rate to compute the applicable prices in US dollars. If you want to compute the corresponding value in another currency, please use Xenon Labs Personal Currency Assistant.

The current exchange rate is US$ 1.13861 for 1 euro.
US Dollar exchange rate updated on the 12/18/2018.

Product US$
MacDisk 39.85 35.00
MacImage 39.85 35.00
MacDisk + MacImage 62.62 55.00
Data-XRay 21.63 19.00
MacText 28.47 25.00
MacMail 21.63 19.00
WinConv 39.85 35.00
Lect 39.85 35.00
Bundle Conv + Lect 62.62 55.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.
To order on line and get the software immediately, use our
On-Line Order Desk
The change rates are provided by Xenon Labs Currency Services:

Which Package?

MacDisk is the main product of our range. It covers the needs of most users.
MacImage is a product to produce Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC. See our page on Macintosh CD-ROM Production for more information.
Last but not the least, MacText is a little text converter for some formats often ignored by the main text processign packages on the PC. Please consult its page for more information.


If your are a registered user, you can update (latest version of the same package) or upgrade (exchange your package for a more powerful one). Go to the upgrade page.

How to Order?

See our On-Line Order Desk. This page contains links to all order forms. After checking this order form, you'll be redirected to the secure server of a specialized service provider (SSL protocol), which allows you to give your credit card number without risks (all major credit cards are accepted there).
After charging your credit card, you'll be redirected to our Web site to download the program you bought. That way, you can begin to use the full version without useless delays.
You can also mail an order with your credit card number (we accept Visa and MasterCard only for such orders), the expiry date and the holder name. If you are EC-resident, please add 20% of French VAT or state your VAT EC Id number. We ship all products with a receipted invoice.

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