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Summary: Order desk with links to on-line order forms. You may want to consult before our Price List or our Pro Forma Invoice generator. See also some comments about our price computing method.

How To Order?

To order on line the software product you've selected, please choose below one of the on-line order forms, according to your situation. We only accept orders prepaid with a credit card. After charging your credit card, you'll be able to download the software immediately. See below the list of accepted credit cards.

After checking your order form, you'll be redirected to the secure server of a specialized service provider to charge your credit card. From this point, all exchanges will be crypted, using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. This protocol is the safest way, for the time being, to charge credit cards on line. Your credit card number will never come out of specialized transmission circuits used by banks and similar companies. As a matter of fact, we'll never know your credit card number.
We publish on this site our sales conditions and the prices of the software we offer. See our Price list. If you need it, you can also produce on line a pro forma invoice.

Other Order Methods

You can also use your usual order forms, if you like, but those order forms should at least give as much details as our own order forms. We only accept prepaid orders (Visa and Mastercard accepted). If you need it, you can also produce on line a pro forma invoice. This will allow you to send a money order.

Wo Are Logiciels & Services Duhem?

We publish on this site a presentation page showing who we are and what we do. This site exists now since december 1995, what is almost as long as a century in cyberspace.

Technical Support/Assistance

Because of time lag, we can't offer a real phone hotline for technical assistance, but this doesn't mean that users are left alone facing their problems. Our email assistance is very effective and should help you to overcome the problems. More, this Web site offers a support section with a lot of information which could be useful for you.

Accepted Credit Cards

We accept following credit cards:

maestro   cirrus   visa   mastercard
jcb   eurocard   edc

The credit cards are charged through our service provider (a bank). This way, your credit card number doesn't travel uncrypted on the Internet and is always protected by the Secure Sockets Layer protocol. You can be sure that nobody will be able to take note of it.
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About Taxes

If you are a resident of the European Community, we have to apply the French VAT (20%) on invoiced amounts if you don't have a valid European VAT Id-number. Please use the specific EEC Order Form (see the link above). For obvious reasons, we have to check this very seriously and will not send software against orders without a valid postal address.

Price Computation Method

Since our company is based in Paris (France), our prices are expressed in and we apply the current exchange rate to compute the applicable prices in US dollars. If you want to compute the corresponding value in another currency, please use Xenon Labs Personal Currency Assistant.
The current exchange today is US $ 1.14059 for 1 euro.
US Dollar exchange rate updated on the 1/18/2019.
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Advantages of On-Line Ordering

Ordering on line is very convenient. Your credit card is charged for the amount stated and you download the software immediately. You can therefore use it immediately, without waiting for useless delays.
Ordering on line also means that you always get the latest version of the software, directly from the publisher.
You also enjoy the direct assistance of the publisher if you encounter problems while installing or using the software.

Risks of On-Line Ordering

Many Internet surfers have mixed feelings about giving their credit card number on the Internet, but give it without any problems on the phone to the clerk of any mail-order house.
The payment system we use offers many advantages. You don't have to give us your credit card number, so we don't have to store it and to protect it.
You only give it on the secure bank Web site. The credit card number only travels on secure transmission lines. The forms are installed on secure servers, which offer the best security conditions available today.
The credit card is a very convenient payment method, and the rare problems touted about don't measure against the huge number of transactions successfully completed with plastic payment tools.
Anyway, there are also other order methods (see above).
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