Who are L&S Duhem?

Summary: Presentation of the company Logiciels & Services Duhem (Paris). Our history, what brought us to what we are today, at your service.

L&S Duhem is a little Paris-based company specialized in data exchanges between different types of hardware and software. The company was founded by Pierre Duhem in 1987. It has acquired an extensive know-how in reading and writing a wide variety of random access disks and text data formats and supplies standardized or custom conversion and transfer solutions.

The main products are utilities to read/write/format Macintosh media on a PC without any add-on (MacDisk) and to produce Macintosh CD-ROMs on a PC (with MacImage).

L&S Duhem also proposes PC-based disk reading and file conversion utilities for importing data from non-PC storage media (like minicomputers, older systems, memory-typewriters, scientific instrumentation drives) with optimal efficiency and reliability...

L&S Duhem owns a huge experience in managing old text bases in various formats which are to be published on on-line servers.

If our company cannot claim to be a multinational giant, we have customers in all parts of the world and support them efficiently through email.

See in particular some customer testimonials (unsollicited, of course):

Logiciels & Services Duhem
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