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Summary: On-line order form (Page 1). See also our Public Price List.

The form below allows you to order on line the software products we offer.
You first have to compose your order (select the products and quantities you want).
This data is then submitted to the server which computes the total amount of your order.
You can then specify the name and address of your company, before being redirected to the secure server to charge your credit card.
The program(s) can then be downloaded directly from our Web site and you can use them immediatly, without useless postal delays.

Compose your order:  
Quantity Product
MacDisk for Windows - US$ 39.85 (€ 35.00)
MacImage for Windows - US$ 39.85 (€ 35.00)
Bundle MacImage/MacDisk - US$ 62.62 (€ 55.00)
MacMail for Windows - US$ 21.63 (€ 19.00)
DataXRay for Windows - US$ 21.63 (€ 19.00)
MacText for Windows - US$ 28.47 (€ 25.00)
WinConv (3 modules) - US$ 39.85 (€ 35.00)
Lect - US$ 39.85 (€ 35.00)
Bundle WinConv Lect - US$ 62.62 (€ 55.00)

The current exchange today is US$ 1.13861 for 1 euro.
US Dollar exchange rate updated on the 12/18/2018.

Some Help to Select the Product You Need:

To produce Macintosh CD-ROM on your PC, select MacImage. If the files to burn are stored on a Macintosh medium (even a Macintosh-like medium: NTFS under SFM, FAT 16), select the bundle MacImage + MacDisk, since you'll need both products. On the other hand, if the Macintosh files you intend to copy were downloaded from the Internet, or if those files were produced on a PC, you don't need MacDisk.
If you have to read/write all kinds of Macintosh media, select MacDisk.
MacMail is included in the MacDisk package, but you can also order it alone.
Data-XRay is a set of utilities for low-level exploring data media and files.
MacText is a little text converter for Macintosh text files. It already comes with MacDisk.
Conv and Lect are specialized conversion tools (see their pages).
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